TMR25 Mantenimiento Plus

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Nutritional Comment

Nutritional Comment

  • Very recommendable for large and small ruminants undergoing maintenance.
  • Contains all the nutrients needed to cover nutritional needs.
  • Very digestible and clean food.
  • With Beet Molasses, which makes the food very palatable.
  • High-quality fiber that favors ruminal movements.



  • Extra Gold Corn Silage [Esp. Meat]
  • Extra ryegrass silage
  • Very Fine Oat Silage
  • Barley grain
  • Beet molasses
  • Oatmeal flour
  • Vitamin and Mineral Complex
  • Salt
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Dicalcium phosphate



  • Reject perforated packages or, failing that, remove the product that is in the area of ​​the break.
  • Open the bag in the upper area.
  • Extract- the exact amount to consume at each meal.
  • Close the bag properly after each use.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.

Analytical Components

Analytical Components


Crude Protein 11,40%
Crude Fats 3,80%
Stacrh+Sugar 25,00%
Crude fibre 22,00%
Crude ash 6,35%
Calcium 0,90%
Sodium 0,40%
Magnesioum 0,20%
Phosphorus 0,35%
ULF 0,89%
Humedity 43,00%
Compuestos de Oligoelementos:
(E1)Hierro (Sulfato Ferroso monohidratado) 152 mg/ kg
(E5)Manganeso (Óxido Manganeso) 55,00 mg/kg
(E6)Zinc (Óxido de Zinco) 75,33 mg/kg
(3b201)Yodo (Yoduro de Potasio) 1,60 mg/kg
(3b304)Cobalto (Carbonato de Cobalto) 0,40 mg/kg
(E8)Selenio (Selenito de Sodio) 0,50 mg/kg
(E7)Molibdeno (Molibdato de Sodio) 1,75 mg/kg

Vitaminas, provitaminas y sustancias químicamente
definidas de efecto análogo:
Vitamina A (3a672a) 12.222 U.I./kg
Vitamina D3 (E671) 445 U.I./kg
Vitamina E (3a700) 5,50 mg/kg

Antioxidantes Tecnológicos:
BHT (E321) 0,25 mg/kg
BHA (E320) 0,06 mg/kg

Agentes ligantes, antiaglomerantes y coagulantes:
Sepiolita (E562) 0.08 mg/kg

Packaging formats

40kg Open&Feed

900kg big pack*


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